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Your Expeditions


Make sure you’re ready for your expedition building. Use this checklist to make sure you have everything you need.

Your Details

Let’s discuss you as the expedition leader. You’re asking adventurers to pay extra for your guidance, so drop the modesty and highlight what you offer.

  1. Your main and extra professions.
  2. Your strongest qualities as a leader.
  3. A bio emphasizing your skills to lead an expedition.
Points of Contact

Gloworm links potential clients directly with you for purposes of sales and bookings, ensure you have the URL to all your links. This includes:

  • Booking page URL
  • Sales Email
  • Facebook URL
  • Youtube URL
  • Instagram URL
  • Linkedin URL
Expedition Details
  • Expedition title
  • Description of expedition(250 words)
  • Location (town/country)
  • Base cost (cheapest without addons)
  • Include/exclude from each expedition
  • Target subject / event
  • Edutourism subject (i.e. citizen science, videography)
Expedition FAQ's

Provide answers to standard FAQs as well as enter specific FAQ’s for your expedition. Include details on

  • Accommodation
  • Catering
  • Travel
  • Visas
  • Dangers
  • Insurance
  • Eligibility (language, qualifications, skills)
Expedition Season and Dates
  • Determine when and how many expeditions you will run, specifically
  • Dates of each expedition (arrival and departure dates)
  • Duration of expeditions
  • The number of times (in the year) that you will run the expedition
Expedition Images

Prepare images of the correct sizes for inclusion in your listing. Namely:

  • 1 x Banner (1800 x600px)
  • 9 x Expedition images (600x400px)

NB. Include yourself in some images of the expedition/activity to increase social proof. 

Expedition Video

Upload an expedition video onto your youtube or Vimeo channel. source the embedding code (or simply URL) to allow this video to be embedded into your expedition listing

  • Youtube / Vimea URL

Expedition Leader

Your details as leader of the expedition


Enter link and email details where appropriate.
Save and Resume Later
Editing an Expedition

FAQ answers when editing one of your existing expeditions

Why edit an expedition?

In edu-tourism, things often change. It’s crucial to provide accurate info to potential clients when they check out your expedition. Also, your expedition details like dates and costs will change each year. So, it’s essential to keep this info up to date.

How do I edit my expeditions

firstly review your existing expedition posting here. During your review make notes on what is required to change – title, description, dates, times, costs, FAQ etc. Once you are satisfied with what changes are required, complete the adjacent form and submit it to Gloworm. Gloworm will update your listing within 72 hours.

What parts of your expedition requires editing
Clear Filters
The Niue Humpback Whale Expedition
Fiona Ayerst
Nuie Humpback Whale expedition is led by renowned underwater photographer, Fiona Ayerst. Experience in-water snorkeling and underwater photography opportunities with Humpback Whales
The South Africa Sardine Run Expedition
Mark Graham
Join renowned shark content creator Mark Graham (white shark ocean) on South Africa's annual Sardine run. Document the greatest shoal on earth with video and photography using high powered compact cameras designed to maximize content creation in the fast moving and dynamic environment that is the sardine run
production logistics for wildlife film documentary makers

Building your career

Manage your Gloworm
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