RJ-PL095 Over-under of great white shark at a cage diving boat
RJ-PL094 Great White Sharks in Blue Water
RJ-PL060 Great White Shark Patrols Robberg at Plettenberg Bay
RJ-PL055 Great white shark circling cage diving boat
RJ-PL050 Great white shark – Water pressure test
RJ-PL048 Great White Shark Carcass – Orca predation
RJ-PL045 Cape fur seal harass great white shark
RJ-PL044 Humpback Dolphins harass Great White Sharks
RJ-PL042 Satellite tagged great white shark
RJ-PL040 Birdseye angle of great white sharks
RJ-PL037 Slow motion (120FPS) of Great White Sharks Underwater
RJ-PL034 Great white shark in green water